Original Character Design & Works

Kraken's Reference
Carréina's Reference
Octaryu's Reference
Sy's Reference
Inkblot's Reference
Shadow Wizard

Sprite Animation

Character: Dustbun by Agrimmora
Characters: Hip Top and Lan by FunkySpaceAlien
Characters: Poplin and Zack by GalaxyPixies45
Characters: Dee N. Bee and Hip Top by FunkySpaceAlien
Character: Snooze by Charro64
Kraken and Inkblot
Necromancer from You Died but a Necromancer revived you
Character: Eyebrawler by Neweegee
Promotional sprite animation for SightSeeker's official plush campaign run by Makeship.
Character: Alpha by Agrimmora
Character: Sye by HeySye

Fan Works

Cassette Beasts ©️ Bytten Studio ©️ Raw Fury
Character: Tetracold by Tetracold
Character: Kunimitsu by Mothdaze
Character: Plume by Piranhartist
Character: Cluster Buster by GoldenDiossito
Character: Bee by Heather Romero
Anonymous Gift Art
Splatoon™️ 3 ©️ Nintendo
Character: Valentine by SuperKrazyBones
Characters: Hip Top and Dee N. Bee by FunkySpaceAlien
Necromancer from You Died but a Necromancer revived you
Roger by Cinna64